Solar Energy Solutions For Small Utilities

“ Apart from the energy requirements of high-duty industrial and residential-commercial complexes, we also provide other solar applications like solar water heaters, solar water pumps, solar street-lights, solar garden lights etc. These solar systems provide uninterrupted electricity. ”

Solar Water Heaters

A popular and most effective way to fulfil warm water requirements for residential and commercial use. Panels fitted to the roof produce energy require to heat water for use.

Solar Water Pumps

Provides ideal solution to access water from ground and underground water sources in remote rural locations. No batteries are used and water is pumped out, when there is enough daylight. Water thus made available, is used for irrigation or stored in elevated tanks.

Solar Street Lights

LED Lights which provide Energy Efficient Means for Lighting up Streets

Solar Garden Lights

Garden Lights includes spot lights, post lights, fairy lights & Motion control Lights etc. Mostly used for lighting or Security Purposes

Solar Security Lights

Sensor Based Lights operate on motion or remote control signals.